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Style guide for a photoshoot

Style guide for a photoshoot: Be inspired by this simple guide.

Before the Shoot

Remember to be comfortable with a beautiful style. You can be elegant if you are used to wear elegant clothes. If not, be casual, I love casual style.

If one of you wants to wear a pattern t-shirt for the shoot, the other one will put a solid color t-shirt, try to coordinate your look together. And also try to consider your location and season.

Shoes are also important: a nice pair of shoes but also comfortable!

If the weather allows for it, layering items such as scarves, sweaters, jackets, necklaces, and hats are great ways to add texture and visual interest to your photos.

Things to avoid (Aka I don’t like) :
Large logos or t-shirts with images and text, it is distracting & pulls focus away from you.
Overly matched – complementing your partner’s outfit is great, but being too “matchy” can look dated (for example: everyone in the same patterned shirt or same jackets)

During the Shoot

Travel (VERY) light
Try not to carry anything with you that you wouldn’t want in the photos. I usually have my photography stuff and I cannot carry also your bags.

Keep items in your pockets to a minimum! Anything too unwieldy will show through your clothing and be distracting.

(Unless you’ve got a ring box in your pocket and are about to propose! A secret! Instead of your pocket you can put the ring box inside your sock)


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