How to choose the right engagement ringBest Engagement ring

Engagement ring tutorial!

How to choose the right engagement ring

Find the right engagement ring is such a big problem!

This is the ultimate guide to the best engagement ring.

Following a simple guide to her ring style.

If She is ..

  • Classy go for a Solitaire
  • Refined go for a Pavè
  • Modern go for a Channel Set
  • Bold go for a Side-Stone
  • Traditional go for a Three-Stone
  • Artsy go for a Tension
  • Extroverted go for a Halo
  • Romantic go for a Vintage


The Knot released 2016 Real Weddings Study, people spent on average $6,163 on an engagement ring, which is almost $300 more than they did in 2015. This number is actually not at all surprising given the fact that couples in general have increased significantly their wedding budgets.

Where to buy an amazing engagement ring online?

Edward Avedis
My Golden Age
James Allen
Brilliant Earth

Cartier is the best exclusive brand for a huge engagement ring.

Solitario Platino, diamanti

Edward Avedis is an artisan from the beautiful California and you can buy his amazing rings from is shop online.


My Golden Age is an italian artisan, he is Luca, and his rings are totally different from classics.


Amazing engagement ring

Some inspirations for your big day!

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