Magic // Family photographer in Venice – Italy

There are no words to describe how much love there is in this family!!!

“Once upon a time

there was a woman constantly insecure, who has considered herself as really beautiful only the day of her wedding.

Her husband, even though he was absolutely not bad and he often received appreciations, didn’t love being photographed and when he appeared in group pictures his embarrassment was evident. From Colombia Maria Teresa had arrived to form a family: a tornado who didn’t have time to observe what was around her. One day he decided to give his wife the best gift for her 50th birthday: the emotion to see the love which bound their family. In order to do this he, however, needed a fairy who could climb in flight to capture what joined them, beyond words.

And here it comes Serena who, as if by magic, transformed doubts in a magic certainty.

Well… thank you wonderful fairy of the light.”