El matador engagement photographer // A+M

El matador engagement photographer

I’m very happy of this romantic engagement session at El matador beach!

I met Allison & Matthew the day before at Joshua Tree for the fisrt part of their engagement session before their wedding in December!

We have a lot of fun these two days, and we were really lucky with the weather: first day a beautiful sunset at Joshua Tree, second day at El matador state beach with a beautiful cloudy atmosphere.

The love story here:

“I was with my friend, Kathy, out for dinner and drinks. We had finished up dinner at a favorite restaurant in Richmond, Stella’s, and were having such a good time, decided to stay out a bit longer. We headed over to CanCan. We walked in and my friend Kathy, who worked with Matthew, immediately spotted Matthew at the bar, on a date with another girl!!!! Now mind you this was his first date with this girl, but I did not know that at the time.

Kathy walked up to Matthew to say hello, and I excused myself for the restroom, only briefly glancing at Matthew. Matthew immediately asked Kathy what my name was, twice, when I was gone.

When I came back, Kathy introduced us both. His piercing blue eyes stared into mine and it made my knees weak! Kathy and I went over to order drinks and leave Matthew to his date, and Kathy said to me, “I think Matthew loves you. He won’t stop looking over at you!” I couldn’t stop staring at him either, to the point Kathy had to scold me: “STOP staring!!!”

Eventually Matthew came up to me and talked to me the rest of the evening while Kathy entertained his date.

At the end of our evening at CanCan, I couldn’t ask Matthew for his phone number in front of his date — too forward! I knew he was still too polite to ask for my number in front of his date. We exchanged last names so we could find each other on Facebook!

When I got home, my mother came down from her bedroom and said to me “You met someone tonight didn’t you? You met the man you’re going to marry.”

I was bashful and denied meeting anyone, telling her how ridiculous that was . . .

The next morning, Matthew found me on Facebook and messaged me:

“Happy Sunday! Though I’d much rather have made it clear in person, I have to say you were the best part of that first date you and Kathy stumbled into Friday at cancan. You made my heart race. I’d love to see you again sometime, if you’re interested.”

The rest is history; after our first date, we both knew we would be together forever. ” Allison



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I want photography to be more than something to do for your wedding.
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If you are shopping around finding the cheapest solution, you might not value what I want to give you.

I’m a romantic photographer, and I want to capture your real love!

If you are not scared to wake up early, or to be cold, if you like some wind between your hair, if you like adventure, and if you love cloudy sunsets with epic landscapes, then ok, I’m the photographer for your love story.

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  • Linda Kent said:

    Congratulations Matthew & Allison
    Much Love To You Both♥️♥️♥️