Vacation photographer in Venice – Italy

“Travel is my passion, and once a year, I go on a solo adventure! Last year, I spent four weeks travelling to Australia, Indonesia, Singapore and Japan on my own. This year, I jetted off to Europe for what turned out to be an unbelievable 5-week solo journey thru 13 countries. I wish I can put into words how amazing this experience was, but I will let the pictures do the talking instead.

The best way to experience Venice is to get lost on all the little alleyways. I decided to venture away from St. Mark’s Square, walk inwards and see what I find. I ended up finding this nice little restaurant, which served the best carbonara I have ever had. The pasta was handmade and literally melted in my mouth! The owner brought out the food himself and chatted with me. At the end of my meal, after I had already paid, he offered me limoncello and gelato — both on the house! I honestly don’t even remember how I got to the restaurant. I just kept walking and turning, and voila, I found a Venetian hidden gem! I love the genuine hospitality that I experienced in this city.

Out of the 13 countries that I visited on this trip, Venice is in my top three favourite cities.” Kathleen